Véronique Fantastique (wavingtoanimals) wrote in ottawaforsale,
Véronique Fantastique

Laptop - must sell!

Dell Inspiron 2650 laptop with wireless card, optical mouse and carrying case

- First off, the battery is old and no longer holds a charge, so if you plan on using this cordless you’ll need to purchase another battery. Dell batteries usually aren’t terribly expensive since they’re so common, although I haven’t bothered pricing one for this model. That said, even without a battery it can be used in class/on campus/etc by simply plugging in the power cord at an outlet.
- Intel Pentium 4 1.4ghz processor with 256mb of RAM.
- 20GB hard drive and onboard 16mb video card.
- Comes with blue Targus laptop carrying case, fits laptop as well as all accessories and even a few textbooks and/or binders. Perfect for carrying to school or work.
- Also includes a Blitzz wireless G network card (fastest wireless type) and a Dell optical mouse.
- Comes with all original bundled software, including Windows XP operating system, Microsoft Works Suite (MS Word, Encarta, etc), drivers and instruction manual.


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