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Trading and Selling for Ottawa locals
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This is a forum that is similar to an online garage sale. Feel free to post things you want to sell or trade. Tolerance will be given to independent contrators and small business, but please do not repeatedly spam the group. Please also post any requests you may have for goods/services/information. Solicitation from larger business will be purged at my discretion.

Also, posts that do not allow comments will be deleted. It defeats the point of "community."
Please put large entries behind an lj-cut tag as a courtesy to other users.

If you have a question, feel free to email me at aesir@storm.ca
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The ever-benevolent denovan has offered up some webspace to those ov you who want to post pictures to ottawaforsale but who have no hosting capabilities.

The site is available here:http://www.gilchrists.ca/gallery/ottforsale

login: ottawa
Pass: forsale

Anyone can add to it but only denovan will be able to make changes. So if you run into a problem, post here or send him an email.

So a big thanks to him for helping us out.